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My First Inbound Link.

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Looks like Car 2 Go heard the noise I was making…

I don’t do advertorial or paid postings, it defeats the purpose of this blog, in my mind. Anything I talk about or endorse here is based on personal experience and not because someone paid me off. If I think something is useful or quality, I’ll post about it here. Car 2 Go is definitely a great service and worth what I pay for it. Keep up the good work guys.

I’ve been through the advertorial wringer before. It’s fun for a few minutes while you get paid, but after awhile, if you are posing as a legitimate news source, it does get tiring after awhile if you have any sort of humanity.

The sad thing is, advertisers and companies have come to expect advertorial as a standard practice these days. I’ve been around plenty of people and corporations when the question of the media and coverage for their product/brand/event comes up, and a notable amount of the discussion does center on the advertorial side of things. What’s even worse, is when you see what appear to be respectable news outlets going along for the advertorial ride.

Listen, as far as pure journalism goes, it’s a tough world out there now. Ad sales have dried up, and obviously it costs money to operate and maintain a decent news outlet. However, there are ways to cut costs and still maintain standards of ethical and journalistic integrity. A lot of “fat” can be cut on the infrastructure side of things, for example. This very blog is an example. While I don’t have it configured for true high-availability, I know I could scale it up as such where having this blog as an HA app wouldn’t break the bank. A little knowledge goes a long way.

I think, at the end of the day, journalists and news organizations should embrace being a bit multi-talented, enabling them to continue delivering unbiased news, without having to resort to deceptive advertorial processes.

And yes, I know the guilty parties in the advertorial game. Let’s just say it’s not too surprising. I’ll keep my own counsel for now.