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Fall Is Almost Here...

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Club Space
Taken at Club Space

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Like a lot of tourist areas, Miami has a high and low season. Typically, ours high season goes from late September until late April. Simply because of the weather.

Though in recent years there’s been less of a difference, due to economic factors. The high season isn’t as “high” as it used to be, and people will brave the torrid heat and humidity during the summer to save on hotel rates and flight costs.

But still, the fall season is almost here. Warm, but not torrid days, and cool breezy nights will be the norm. It’s the time of the year which makes living in the Miami area worthwhile.

Already you can see the change. This past weekend saw temperatures in the mid-80s (upper 20s for you guys who use Celsius), with a noticeable decrease in humidity. The biggest indicator is I don’t have to wait as long for the a/c unit in the 210 to bring things down to a reasonable level. I could crank it, sure, but oddly enough Mercedes says that “it really doesn’t speed things up too much”. And I’ll side with the engineers on this one. The 210 is my baby of sorts.

And the excitement was definitely noticeable at Space over the weekend. Like I mentioned in my last post, the talented Roger Sanchez was on the decks. One of the few DJs on the scene not caught up with doing stage shows and 90-minute sets, Roger kept us going for over nine hours, from 3 AM - 12 noon. I broke my “Leave Space at 8:30” rule by a fair margin. It was worth it though. A lot of old friends showed up, and stayed late, so I figured I would as well. As a single guy, I kind of go where my friends are, ya know?

But Roger definitely delivered on the musical end. I’m not much of a trainspotter (“It’s the song that goes mmmm-tsss right?”) but he kept the crowd occupied with a great mix of diverse music, ranging from vocal-infused house to extended tribal percussive tracks. Which kept the people there socializing and dancing and drinking. A successful night for Space, by any metric. And a great photographic journey for me. I report what’s there, and if what is there isn’t interesting or compelling, it comes through in my work. And if it is interesting and compelling, it will definitely show. If you are of a mind, click here to see the end results. It’s a bit of a large gallery due to the length of time I was present at Space, but there you have it.

The fall is here!