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A Little Mix to Kick Off the Weekend...

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Well, I figured out the audio player thing. Just a little work with the includes was all I needed to do to make it all come together…

So, with that, I’m gonna post a mix for you all to enjoy. This one, is done by some friends of mine, the duo Ess & Emm. Sasha and Michelle mix up some nu-disco and more for your listening enjoyment. Press play, the audio player works! And yes, all things considered, if I was a DJ, I’d play nu-disco. Just the way it is.

They will be providing the soundtrack this evening at Chalk, just in time for the TNL 5th Anniversary Unofficial Official Party. Hell, it’s technically their party, “Beaver Feaver”, we’re just imposing on it. Sorry about that, girls. But that’s how we roll.