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Out Where the Buses Don't Run...

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If you really want to get out into where it gets dark, you should probably head north and west along US 27 if you live or are shooting in the metropolitan Miami area…

It’s definitely out where the buses don’t run.

I miss Miami Vice.

You’ll see a bit of the old South Florida when you get out that way. Before the sprawl and the overdevelopment.

This image was done with my 50 1.2 L. So far, so good. I’m definitely happy with the purchase. Prime lenses give you that extra five percent in overall image quality, and the 50 doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

This is a 30 second exposure from the side of US 27 heading northbound just over the county line into Broward. There was a small amount of moonlight partially obscured by clouds. The rest is all ambient light, including airglow, the distant Miami city lights, and the lights of passing vehicles.

I’m sure the truckers were wondering what I was doing at 1:30 in the morning on the side of the road. Protip, bring a flashlight, and just point it at the ground when vehicles are coming close.

I’ll be putting this one up for sale soon at my FAA site.