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Ramblings After the Weekend...

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It was one of those random “on and off” weekends.

Much like any other mental factor, creativity seems to have a finite supply of sorts, and can be slow to replenish. Thursday, I shot a scenic I’m really proud of, the aptly-titled (yes, I’m totally being narcissistic here) “Where The Buses Don’t Run”.

I did this on a Thursday night/Friday morning, and I did the editing and “mastering” work on Friday. When I intend to sell a print, I tend to nitpick. I’ll obsess over minute color corrections, lens flares, and wish for things like my print provider accepting TIFF uploads on the off chance there’s some minor compression artifacts which could be visible at a large enough print size.

Oh, and by the way, “Out Where The Buses Don’t Run” is for sale on my Fine Art America site, along with eight other pieces I consider potential sellers. I’m getting more and more into shooting nighttime scenics. Though I could do without the bugs in the Everglades. There was a mosquito in the 210 on my way home that night. The hardest part was concentrating on keeping steady at 130 km/h while hoping the little bastard would just go away. I did the “open all windows and go even faster” trick and that seemed to help.

That being said, I was fully intent on going back out to shoot more scenics on Friday, but that actually never panned out. I couldn’t think of a location to scope out. I might try west this week, now that I think about it.

Saturday was my usual club night over at Space. Two of my favorites, Chus + Ceballos, were on hand to provide an extended musical soundtrack to the evening. These guys “get it”, they know they are there to keep the crowd moving, and they provide an excellent musical selection over the course of ten or more hours on the decks. Great guys in person, too. They’re always game for the photo op, and they actually love to meet their fans. They know their place in the musical ecosystem.

Los Tios @chuslesteban @clubspacemiami @jhartlein @ppod @travisrogersmia More at http://seenightlife.com/users/pod/albums/chus-and-ceballos-return-to-space#5
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Club Space
Taken at Club Space

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I still have to figure out how to derive that media_id without having to manually kick the Instagram API. If anyone knows how, let me know.

That being said, I definitely had “more creative energy” by that Saturday night. Some plans for early hours didn’t materialize. I was supposed to attend a bachelor/bachelorette party at Scarlett’s up in Hollywood, but the “confirmation” message never arrived that the people were actually gonna go. By then, it was 1:30 in the morning and I was already framing my mind from staring at desperate girls on the pole to actually doing something productive. So, I kind of said “the hell with it”, jumped into a Car 2 Go, and drove on over to Space.

Saddle up. @car2gomiami to @clubspacemiami
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Talk Nightlife
Taken at Talk Nightlife

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Car 2 Go is saving me so much money in cab fare. It’s amazing. Plus, they never thought of my use case until I told them. They posted on Facebook about using their service to get to the Brickell Oktoberfest party, and taking the safe way (a cab) home. Agalmic cowboy diplomacy.

Anyways, Space was the usual ‘rock’ of Miami nightlife this past weekend. Great atmosphere, an interesting crowd, and great music. It’s not a trendy VIP club, and it doesn’t aspire to be. In my mind it’s the heart of Miami nightlife. It is one venue you can go to without even bothering to check their website to see who is playing. A friend of mine suggested that their marketing campaign should be “Space: We’re fucking open.”

I did my usual rounds at the venue, including switching out to the 50 1.2 L as the morning rolled on. It’s a learning curve, but one I’m glad to participate in. It’s a great lens and you can do amazing things with it wide open. Every Canon user should have it in their arsenal.

At 1.2, you will have throwaway images. Nature of the beast in a nightclub. Just keep shooting, but don’t turn it into a Golden BB spray-and-pray affair. If the shot doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

I left a little after 9 AM Sunday morning. I woke up Sunday afternoon, since I had a Keys trip planned, but the weather totally did not cooperate. I ended up turning around on the Turnpike Extension after a huge downpour kicked in, with more forecast for Monday. Though Monday turned out to be a rather nice day. Such is luck I guess.

I’ll try to make it down again in the next few weeks. Maybe after Halloween Weekend.

Totally random weekend.