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It Is Like My Version of Mr Sparkle.

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It was a positively stunning day here in South Florida, so I jumped in the 210 and went out for a bit.

I made my usual Saturday stop at Whole Foods, this time the South Beach one. The Aventura one has better wraps, but the Beach one is closer, and I wanted to shoot some random stuff on the Beach anyways.

After my tuna wrap, I proceeded up Collins to the Ocean Terrace around 74th Street. I figured I’d try to get some shallow DOF shots out on the sand. I was experimenting with trying to capture one breaking wave, when an orange can thumped into my foot.

“Mirinda?” I thought, “What the hell is Mirinda?”

It’s a girl’s name in some quarters, but I never saw it applied to a beverage. So, curious, I picked up the can. It was unopened, and aside from the Mirinda logo, it lacked the usual nutritional value grid, and also the volume was listed as 330 mL only. No Imperial measurements. My god, it’s a can from the future!

It was totally my Mr Sparkle moment.

But, my momentary flashback to a Simpsons episode faded, and it turns out Mirinda is a product of Pepsi, primarily distributed in Asia. The can actually said “Distributed by Pepsi Singapore” on the side.

This must have fallen off of a ship. #mirinda #singapore @norahlovesmakeup_mua idea? This is in Miami Beach.
Filtered with Hudson through Instagram

Maracas Place
Taken at Maracas Place

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I’m guessing it probably fell off of a passing cargo freighter, which most likely took on provisions in the port of Singapore. There’s an ever so slight chance it washed up from further away, but most likely it is the boring explanation.

This was totally my Mr Sparkle moment though.

Now, the can is still sealed, so in theory the beverage should be consumable. It’s in my fridge right now. I don’t drink soda anymore though…

Oh, and I’m totally loving how things look at 1.2 during broad daylight. Very surreal.