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Someone Summed It Up Eloquently...

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While some tell me my strength lies in capturing images, I also have been told I can write well. However, in terms of writing, I do tend to ramble. Hence, this blog’s tagline having the words “general ramblings”…

So, when someone asks for me to summarize something, it’s nigh-impossible for me to do. So, if you asked me to sum up my own body of photographic work, I’d be at a loss to condense it to a sentence or two. I cringe at committing grammar crimes when I have to post to Twitter. The art of summary is lost to me.

However, someone summarized what I do so well for me just a few minutes ago…

You have a vision and you wait for the world to fall in line and then you capture it…

Adriana D A Phone Conversation 12 October 2012

And boom, that sums it up.

I could sit here for hours expounding on noise levels, a-to-d conversions, electric fields emanating from poorly-shielded cabling, the native ISO of a given sensor, and don’t-point-your-lens-at-a-10-watt-laser-you-fool type of things and it wouldn’t be a summary of how I manage to pull off a shot. It’d be the Book of Pod so to speak. Which, some people like, and some people don’t.

It actually speaks volumes about having an outside opinion.

You can see the guy about to jump out.
Filtered with Normal through Instagram

55th Street Station
Taken at 55th Street Station

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I had just come back from a nighttime run (yes Ryan, I do run around this neighborhood at 1 AM) and I picked up a text conversation where I had left it off earlier. My friend Adriana had just moved from the construction mess called Brickell, to a cozy new joint on Collins Avenue in “Condo Canyon” with her boyfriend. She was inviting me over for a little housewarming thing tomorrow, and she mentioned the last thing she had picked up from her old apt was a piece of mine that she purchased back in 2009:

I had done an exhibit of some of my “dancer photos” at the first Life Is Art exhibit in Wynwood. Life is Art, by Soul of Miami founder James Echols, is a local organization that supports up-and-coming artists of all stripes. Since that first open show in 2009, they’ve come a long way and are quite renowned in the art community, especially amongst artists who may not be “hip” enough to warrant the attention of some of the more corporate art organizations in town. Adriana, at the time, was their treasurer, and had expressed an interest in obtaining a print of one of my images, specifically the one above. So, her mom took it upon herself to pull me aside and purchase it from me for her. As my exhibit was digital (I didn’t have the budget to produce 20 prints of size), I took the “order” and contacted my print provider to generate a canvas-framed print for me of this piece. A few weeks later, it was delivered to Adriana, to much acclaim. Oddly enough it’s the only “dancer” piece I have ever sold. Either I just haven’t marketed them properly or people don’t go for half-naked girls in smoky nightclubs as objets d’art.

Fast-forward to today. As pieces of art are often delicate, they are usually transported separately from other items in a moving adventure. Anyways, in a conversation about that piece tonight, Adriana was asking me about how I capture moments like that, and I did have a hard time summarizing it up. So, she put it into words that had previously escaped me:

You have a vision and you wait for the world to fall in line and then you capture it…

Adriana D A Phone Conversation 12 October 2012

And yes, that’s it. Minus the technical details, which, if anyone asks, I’ll gladly explain, that’s pretty much it. I see the image in my head, and I wait for the world to fall in line. Whether it’s in a club or below a deserted bridge in Key West, that’s it. If I had to sum it up into a Twitter-friendly sentence, that is it.

Now, if I can summarize this post, it would be, “A different perspective always helps…”

Oh, and Ade, thanks!