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Looking Back, I Wonder How I Did It...

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This past weekend, The Martinez Brothers took to the decks at Space. They’ve got the youthful energy and enthusiasm in spades. Playing for well over ten hours, they kept the dancefloor moving until the afternoon…

I’m not ancient, by any measure, but by the time I left at 9, I was completely drained…

And the kids were still rocking it like they just woke up…

Objectively, I’m actually healthier than I’ve been in a long time. I try to eat right, and take care of myself. I still have a drink or five when I’m at the club (no one trusts you if you are without a drink in a nightclub…just nod and agree with me on this one) and I will be smart and pace myself. However, sometimes I’m just completely drained, even going into Monday. Is it all mental? Or has a decade and change in-scene finally started to catch up with me?

When I was The Brothers’ age, I could do a 9-10 hour “shift” standing on my head, and still bounce back for whatever I had to do on Monday. I could even go out multiple nights a week till 5 AM. Now, I don’t go to a club unless there’s decent money involved. I’d rather relax with friends or just stay home and read/write/edit. Or go out and shoot scenics.

Maybe I am “getting old”, who knows? I still enjoy the nightlife, but yeah, it does take a lot out of you, regardless of your health.

Adventures with @themartinezbros @clubspacemiami @jhartlein @n0t0r10us @frannypanny @zhantra http://seenightlife.com/users/pod/albums/the-martinez-brothers-return-to-space-2
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Club Space
Taken at Club Space

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For my younger readers - this will happen to you. I can guarantee it. Trick is, pace yourself, but even then…

Maybe a vacation is in order.