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Happy US Thanksgiving to My Small Readership!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my small and dedicated loyal readership. Keep it down out there, otherwise the guys above might have to move their cruisers off the grass and they usually don’t like doing that…

And with that, the holiday season begins.

The mad rush to the malls, ‘Cyber Monday’ as it were, and all the other associated commercial activity. Since I’ll most likely be lazy and not blog about it on the day of, this weekend also features Small Business Saturday.

I can dig it. I like sorting out people I know. Plus, I’m all about the small and agile ethos. It’s easier and more fun if you think about it.

And, in the spirt of Small Business Saturday and also the holidays, why not support a local small business (me), and purchase for yourself, or as a gift, one of my fine scenic pieces? I just recently put the above photo, ‘Challenger Monument’ up for sale. You can purchase a copy in any number of sizes, finishes, and mounting options (including canvas gallery wraps) by by clicking here. I’ll even knock 20 percent off the price. Just put the code ‘ZESNLP’ into the box at checkout, and the discount will be applied. Other prints available for purchase include popular images like…

Islamorada Crossing

Indian Key Channel

Out Where The Buses Don’t Run

…and quite a few more.

Click on over to my print store to purchase. Don’t forget code ‘ZESNLP’ at checkout for the 20 percent discount. Shipping times are reasonable but may back up a bit closer to the end of December, and specialty orders like gallery wraps take an extra day or so to prepare…

Yes, this is me being a little commercial.

Go pig out and spend time with your family and friends. They miss you.