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And I Think I Was Right...

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I think I was right, the creative endeavor cannot be forced.

This past evening, I took the 210 out for a small check ride…

Every few months or so, it’s a good idea to run fuel system cleaner through your car. Most car nuts agree the only kind worth a damn is Techron. Yes, I know there’s Keropur from BASF, but good luck getting that in anything besides a 55-gallon drum. You can go to any European car dealer, and they should have it, but they’ll usually try to rope you in for “service” and flat out not sell you a bottle. And the indie mechanics don’t have it since demand is low. So, Techron it is. Daimler actually approves of it, so it’s OK.

Anyways, to use a fuel system cleaner, you run your tank low, and then dump a bottle into your tank, and then put 10-15 gallons of gas over that. So, on the way back from the beach today, I swung by the Advance Auto Parts shop on Alton, and picked up two bottles. Two because they’re running a special - buy one at the normal price, get another for a dollar.

So, I went home, sorted out a few last-minute edits from the weekend, and drove out the last little bit of old gas. I dumped a bottle in, gassed up at the Chevron, and took off for the Turnpike. Why? Well, it might be a bit of a superstition, but M-B enthusiasts over at Benzworld generally suggest you give your car an “Italian Tuneup” after putting in Techron. Basically an Italian Tuneup is where you find a highway, and just go fast for a bit. Some suggest redlining even, but I’m not going to take that chance. I figured a nice cruise at autobahn speeds would suffice.

Field harmonics check. #nofilter #turnpike #florida #131kmh #w210
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Taken at Ali’s Roti Shop

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So, I got out to the pike and turned it up to around 140 km/h and set the 210 for cruise. That’s about 85-90 MPH. Yes, I’m using metric. Just because. It’s my blog.

The cruise was great. I had my choice of music on, there was zero traffic, and the flow was smooth. No anomalies.

Eventually, I ended up somewhere near Indiantown Road in Palm Beach County.

System check #w210 in some deserted parking lot. #florida #jupiter #moonlight #instagood #picoftheday #palmbeach
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Calvary Chapel Jupiter
Taken at Calvary Chapel Jupiter

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After pulling over in a random Publix parking lot and sorting through some emails, I noticed there was a near-full Moon out. I had all my gear on me, so I figured, why not look for some shooting opportunities?

With that in mind, I meandered my way over to Juno Beach proper and onto A1A. The Moon was bright and the cloud cover was breaking up. I didn’t intend on shooting anything, but the opportunity was presenting itself. The world fell in line, I may as well capture the results. So, I went out to the beach itself, and captured the wave action by the light of the Moon itself.

Autofocus and even accurate manual focus via the viewfinder was nigh-impossible. What I did was boosted the ISO to 12800, flipped on Live View, and focused on some waves manually in the distance. And then dropped down to a more reasonable ISO 640 for the actual exposure. The boost in Live View essentially allowed me to have “pseudo-night-vision” and I could gauge the focus on a wave. It worked. The image itself almost appears to be a painting.

Plus, it made me a fan of that specific stretch of Juno Beach. I should get a place up there. It’s quiet, and has that sleepy beach-town feeling that I tend to get a kick out of. I like my beach towns to be well, beach towns. South Beach is so not that. It’s so bourgeoise (so says the Benz addict, haha!) and overrun with tourists and chain stores. What unique charm it had left ages ago. I could have a bungalow in Juno Beach (or any other quiet beach town in South Florida - they still exist!) and my apt here in Miami. Hmm…

Nonetheless, I’m actually liking what I did tonight. And I didn’t even intend on shooting anything. I didn’t force the creative process. The world got in line and I captured it…I should stick to my own supposed tagline.

I’ve got some fine-tuning to do, but the two images featured in this post will be available for sale soon. In the meantime, why not click here and browse through what is currently for sale? It’s the holidays, someone in your family will need a gift. And you can do a good deed and support my efforts…