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Sunset Over Brickell...

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It’s easy to find one of those ‘common’ locations to shoot scenics and landscapes from. In Miami they abound, especially this angle of Brickell from Hobie Beach on Key Biscayne…

One of the things I enjoy is finding these common locations, and then putting my own spin on them. In addition to being a good mental challenge, it is also a great way to create a saleable image, with some originality to it. The way I see it, you are bridging the gap between the familiar and the original.

Ostensibly I was on Hobie Beach for a friend’s barbecue. That being said, it was a brisk South Florida afternoon, and the skies looked promising, so I bought my full kit with me. In the end, the results paid off. Obviously the best camera you can have is the one you have on you, but it never hurts to game the system as much as possible. Plus, it isn’t like my kit takes up a massive amount of trunk space in the 210.

Anyways, what I did here was I composed the image using my 50 1.2 L lens, and instead of selecting the obvious focus point of mid-field, I selected a point in the far background, creating an interestingly-skewed zone of critical focus. Lighting-wise, the South Florida sunset cooperated, creating the aesthetically-pleasing warm glow to the composition.

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