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The Coalescing of a Theme...

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You certainly can’t force the creative process.

Over the past month, I’ve been in dance-music-WMC-mode and my creative output has been a reflection of that. While shooting nightlife has it’s moments and helps put gas in the tank of my W210, I have been on a quest to expand my subject matter a bit.

So, I went on one of my long nighttime drives this past Friday.

To boldly go where someone may have gone before. #w210 #ohmy #lcars #igersmiami #miami #305 #drivetime @igers_sfla @igersmiami
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Talk Nightlife
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(Yes, that’s an LCARS Star Trek theme on the iPad…geekery…)

Really in a sense of wanting to do something outside of nightlife, and also hoping for that flash of inspiration. So, with that, I grabbed my gear, jumped into the 210 and headed north on the Turnpike.

Florida’s Turnpike happens to be the smoothest driving around in the area, especially at night. I settled into a comfortable cruise speed, and before I realized it, I was already north of West Palm Beach and crossing into Martin County.

IFF clear. Let
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Palm Beach County
Taken at Palm Beach County

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After a quick bearing check, I ended up crossing over the Jensen Beach Causeway towards Hutchinson Island.

The causeway itself from above is an undistinguished piece of civil engineering. But I did notice there were parking areas leading to points directly under the bridge. On a whim, I pulled over and into one.

Well, I came this far I may as well take a photo of something. #florida #bridges #jensen #stuart #561 #outersystem @igers_sfla
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Jensen Beach Causeway
Taken at Jensen Beach Causeway

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And as they say, jackpot.

Underneath the plain concrete-and-steel of the bridge becomes an amazing piece of civil architecture. The beams and supports form a range of interesting shapes and forms. However, the one spoiler was that the whole structure is lit in sodium-vapor lighting. The yellow isn’t flattering, and is difficult to color balance and photograph property. So, with that, I thought of the bridge more in the nature of form rather than color. I’m usually not in the business of shooting monochrome images, but that is the way I began to look at it.

In the end, this was the successful route, in my opinion. Since I captured in RAW, obviously I had the original color information at my disposal, and it was a trivial matter to “do monochrome properly” via Lightroom and Photoshop. The end result, I’m actually quite proud of. It has definitely set my mind into a different mode, with regards to the structures, forms, and objects that make up the “infrastructure” of South Florida.

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More to come soon!