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Updates April 28th 2017

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Life really got in the way!

Nothing bad!

Let’s see…

Got married. Made sense. I’ve known her for 15+ years and we’re great together. No, I won’t gush on my blog.

Put TNL up for sale. If someone wants it for what it’s worth, cool. If not, I’ll keep it. I don’t lose money on it, but I don’t gain money on it. If you think you can have a go at it, contact me. It’s not that I’m not motivated by nightlife, it’s just that there’s nowhere else I can conceivably point it without investing massive time and effort into it. Time I kind of don’t have.

I’m still in nightlife though. I do random things for some of the best in town.

  • Zeroes and ones at Heart Nightclub. Yes, I left Space after damn near 17 years. Yet another ownership change has that venue going in another direction. So I went next door where most of the old Space heads went. It’s kind of cool to be working with LP again.

  • Odd jobs and random tasks for Emi Guerra. Emi’s doing what he does and it’s great. Too much to describe here. Ask him.

  • More zeroes and ones for a few other operators.

Landscapes and scenics. All for sale at my pixels.com print provider. Have at it and enjoy. More offerings coming in June.

I also spun up a new project about things that go boom. Go check out the Regular Guy. Yes, I like guns - so what? I also decided to run it on Hexo, a Node.js blogging framework. I hit a wall with Octopress. Besides, I like doing things the hard way.

Politics. Vote Libertarian. Glad 2016 is over. It’s fun to watch the progressives have fits, though.

Cars. I like my E92 but I want a truck.

Places. Key West. Texas. Georgia. I really would like to see Montana. Glad I don’t live in South Beach.

DV Digital now runs on cedar-14. Shows you how long between updates it’s been.