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Since 1999, the bulk of my photographic work has focused on the dance music culture of the major cities of the United States, including the Miami metropolitan area, New York, and Las Vegas. In this decade of time, the “nightlife photographer” has risen from being a marginal player in the scene to an integral, almost ubiquitous documentarian.

With an eye towards getting away from that ubiquity, I utilize all the elements within the events and locations I’ve had the privilege of shooting at. Not content to use just a flash perched on top of my camera, I’ll utilize existing lights, reflections, fog, smoke, and look for the mysterious “right look” as it applies to what I do, in order to get the image.

Why this blog? Well, I never really had a blog before, and I always kind of wanted my own little outlet for works of mine that I’d like to feature, as well as my rants, brain droppings, and other things I find of interest. In the end, this blog is done because I can .

Even though this is a place for me to exhibit my professional works, I do firmly believe that in this sort of endeavor, one’s viewpoints on happenings in the world form part of what drives someone to produce the work that they do. So, in not so many words, if you choose not to hire me or utilize my services because of my views on what’s going on in the world, that’s fine by me. I’m really loath to sacrifice my own personal viewpoints for a paycheck.

Also, as a footnote, any products (that aren’t mine of course) or services reviewed here that aren’t linked from other sources are generally the result of my firsthand experience with them as a user or consumer. If on the off chance I have been provided with some form of compensation for speaking of them, whether it be financial or something in the nature of a “complimentary membership” for example, I’ll make it clear in the posting. No astroturfing here, folks.